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Managing your accounts online can help make your business more efficient, which in turn could boost your revenue and help your company to grow. There are many online accounting platforms available, but there are three that we find more and more of our small business clients are using; Kashflow, QuickBooks and Xero.

They are all powerful accounting software platforms, which make managing your business accounts easy. They provide a functional system to help you manage your day to day accounting; cash flow, invoicing, payments and payroll.

The Kashflow, QuickBooks and Xero software platforms are all built on a cloud server, which means you can access your account information anytime, anywhere and on any device with an internet connection. This makes it perfect for multiple user accessibility, and allows easy remote access for your book keeper and accountant.

If you are new to online accounting, it is worth looking at the different options available to small businesses. At Stones Accountancy we work with many clients using these online accounting platforms. So if you are looking to use online accounting software for the first time, we would be happy to give advice; call us on 01323 460215

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